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Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda Treatment
Ayurveda Treatment
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Being a trusted organization, we are providing our clients a highly effective Ayurveda Treatment. All the medications are formulated under the stern supervision of ayurvedic industry exports using the best herbs and conventional theory of ayurvedic. Our provided treatment is carried out by highly qualified professionals with their best knowledge and experiences in order to ensure maximum satisfaction of our respected clients. One can take benefit of our Ayurveda Treatment at the best market prices.

Avoid joint replacement : - Joint replacements in Osteo-arthritis, even in advanced

In osteo-arthritis of weight bearing joints like knee, hip & ankle are the ones always go for joint replacements in clinical practice.

Among them knee joints are top listed. Degenerative change along with maximum movement with weight bearing is the cause.

Flat foot related mal-aligned weight bearing is the one with ankle and arch of foot joints in addition.
Spinal joints also suffer this degenerative pathology{cervical & lumbar spondylosis} But here the spinal cord {neuraxis} is passing through it's canal and gives out its nerve radicals between the vertebrae. So inter-vertebral disks get dessicated and prolapsed to give pressure symptoms of either nerve roots or even the spinal cord. Here also selective disk surgery{diskectemy} advised.
In this degenerative synovial joint disease, surgery can be avoided.  Internal medication with specially designed herbal formulae can arrest this degeneration and induce regeneration at the joint site. New collagen fibres are laid on the ligaments, tendons and cartillage. The chondrocytes inside cartillage proliferate to hold water and regain the elastic property{shock absorb}. This can obliterate the looseness of joint to its original integrity and the joint symptoms like protective spasm and pain. The effusion of fluid from the synovial membrane also stops as its inflammation too cured. The architecture of the joint is regained.

So joint replacement can be avoided with internal medication
Varicose veins:-  Varicose veins can be cured with internal medication{capsule and pills only}. No surgery of ablation needed.

The veins of lower limbs drain against gravity to heart unlike arteries that carry blood along gravity down easily. Same amount of arterial blood has to reach heart--this is the rule. No pump down the feet to help this in venous drain. A minimal suction in right atrium at diastole and inside chest wall in inspiration can help. The low pressure linear venous flow is supported by segmental valves that open upwards only and prevents reflux down. But good and adequate tone of venous walls to approximate the valves is inevitable for this healthy venous return. Deep veins receive extra support as they are inside calf and thigh muscle groups. Superficial veins are the ones visible under skin. Above and below knee, there are shunting veins connecting the superficial and deep veins of lower limbs called perforators. Any block in a system can do shunting service with the perforators.
Varicose veins are the dilated tortuous veins usually seen in lower limbs. Venous insufficiency is the problem here. That is, venous drainage is not complete. And the extra venous carboxy hemoglobin rich blood { blue in color} retains down with gravitational & hydrostatic pressure. This causes dilatation of venous wall and secondary reflux of blood at the incompetent valves. Leaking the plasma outside vein wall {extravasation} cause oedema of legs and later fibrosis to form hard leg tissue. Itching and later ulcer formation complicates.
Here specially designed and time tested herbal formula can reverse this pathology. The venous wall elastic lamina that has degenerated get repair and new elastic lamina id formed to regain lost elastcity. This corrects its tone and valves approximate to be competent to avoid reflux leaking. Ulcer can be healed with foot end elevated position during therapy. The fibrosis of soft tissues reverse not to 100%. Dilated and tortuous veins almost disappears. The pigmentation also disappear.

Varicocele is the same pathilogy to testicular veins, the left side as this vein traverses higher to reach left renal vein.

This can affect fertility in male as sperm production has to happen in low temperature. Varicocele cause hyperemia and temperature goes up. This also curable conservatively. No need of surgery in the pampiniform plexus veins seen along the spermatic cord.

Wart. {plantar and palmar warts}
Deep virus that penetrates through skin as contamination is the cause, Granulation tissue is continuously growing to the thick skin outwards causing painful limbing. This lesion spreads transversely to produce satellite lesions in palm and sole. Unless treated the person is disabled to move by walking.


  • Herbal capsules that contain dry extracts of safe herbal formula internally two time a day for three months can cure this warts.
  • The causative organism a virus is completely inactivated and the callous tissue healed well. No more recurrences unless re-infection occur.
  • No need of invasive curettage repeatedly. No gel or electrocure.

PCOD. -polly cystic ovarian syndrome.

  • This happens in young ladies. Present day most common cause for infertility in women. Obesity in young females with male feature dominance like facial hair and mustache . Widening of shoulder. body hairs like men. monthly periods irregular or delayed, even absent.
  • Masculine look that any girl or lady dislike and depression is another problem.
  • This is definitely a hormonal disharmony. Hypothalamo-pituitary-ovarian hormonal axis is the site of dysfunction. Ovaries are unresponsive to pituitary hormones like F.S.H and L.H. Ove develop and not breaking with the L.H.action.So cystic remnants unite to form poly cysts in ovaries. As no ovulation happens, progesterone not formed and endometrial shedding as menstruation absent. So estrogen level lower than androgen that contributes for the masculine symptoms of P.C.O.D. Insulin resistance at ovarian tissue is the cause explained.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy reverse temporarily the symptoms. But on stopping this returns to PCOD stage. Metformin for insulin sensitivity booster at ovaries also not successful. Side-effects of H.R.T.for long term is also remarkable.

Effective Herbal Therapy- available with us !!
Herbs that can correct neuronal metabolism and with its own phyto-estrogen content is capable of reversing all the features of PCOD easily without any adverse effects.As the active principles of those herbs are fat-soluble {not water soluble}, it is a thick butter green preparation.
Two dose 12 hourly on empty stomach for sufficient period {usually 3 monthstime} do wonders. Normal healthy periods with normal flow and regularize them. Obese nature and the masculine features slowly wanes off, Beautiful female body contours and skin returns. Even after stopping the medication this normal menstruation continues and infertility no longer exists.

Migraine {vascular headache}.
Migraine is a peculiar type of headache. Abrupt onset is its character. Episidic alternating hemicranial throbbing headache usually ends up in nausea and vomiting. Precipitating cause being-

  • Solar light radiation in morning.
  • Certain food mediated cause like "nuts fried in butter or oils".
  • Sleep disturbance and insomnia.
  • In young ladies, premenstrual tension with salt and water retention.
  • Stress of different types.

Aura is the prodromal symptoms that many persons experience and they are aware of it as a signal.
Sudden cerebral vessels go into spasm and then dilates to produce intracranial fluid tension to express as nausea and vomiting.

Light or sound dislike and find relief with dark and sound proof place to get relief. People take analgesics as relief.

Our special herbal cure :-
A medicated coconut oil on scalp holding daily for some time can abort and prevent migraine. Even after stopping the oil the migraine never returns. In severe cases oral herbal capsules also given that assures full recovery.

MIGROIL is the name of oil.
Lumbago {backache}
Disk prolapse is not always the cause for a low backache. It can be ligamental injury or associated with periostitis{enthesitis}.

Poor bone strength [osteopenia / osteoporosis} can produce back-pain. Spasm of paraspinal muscles due to local nerve irritation too sometimes reported.

I.V.D.P.{disk prolapse} is a complication of spondylosis of spinal joints. Cervical{neck} and lumbar regions are always involved. Post traumatic as in accidents is also there.

Spondylotic disk bulging or prolapse can be cured with herbal oral medication at home. Surgical measures can be avoided. This formula can arrest degeneration and induce regeneration of the joint components like cartillage, ligaments and tendons. The cartillage goes dry and reduce in size. This cartillage can be regenerated as the chondrocytes in the matrix can be duplicated in numbers to re-hold water and improves in its size and elastic shock absorbing quality. again the new collagen formation can rebuild the tendons and ligaments. The bony periosteum and articular cartillage too get reformed. So the archotecture of deformed spinal joint is regained that can alleviate nerve entrapments or radiculopathy. Finally good repair of the site. This is our speciality. Usually 3 to 6 months medication needed.


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